Ethos and Displacement in the Ghazals of Kaif Bhopali: An Analysis

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Abrar Ahmed
Manoj Kumar


Migrating and getting displaced from the original habitat by compulsion or by choice has become a common norm in post colonial era. The people of this planet migrate in search of livelihood, better education, political compulsions and geo-political conflicts. Capitalism further assists it to grab its roots. This is also the case with Urdu ghazal writers; they also migrate and are made to stay in places with geographically, politically and culturally different climate. Kaif Bhopali is one of the writers, who never migrated from India but still could not be with his homeland. This is the only reason that the ghazals of Kaif Bhopali have nostalgia, displacement and dislocation as the common features.

This paper is an attempt to study the select ghazals, which are well praised and are full of nostalgic diasporic thoughts.

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Manoj Kumar, Asst. Professor, Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur





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