Mahasweta Devi's The Divorce: Search for Alternativ

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Lucky Gupta


Globalization is a specter hunting the world today. It is a buzzword of the moment as it is used almost in every field of human endeavour. Globalization as a concept is breaking into different discourses because it has changed the patterns and dynamics of viewing other social, economic, political culture and psychological happenings around the world. This is because through its technological enforcer, Information Communication Technology (ICT) brought individuals, groups and nations closer to each other than ever before. It is a phenomenon by which the experience of everyday life as influenced by the diffusion of commodities and ideals reflects a standardization of cultural expressions around the world. Women's liberation refers to the liberation from the traditional female goals, which effectively serve to limit the things women can do and the ways she can behave. (Macneil) The feminist movement strove for political and legal equality - focusing on female suffrage, women's access to educational and employment opportunities, the legal rights of married women; to own property, to divorce and to have custody of children. The present research article is focused on the alternative solutions as remedy to resist patriarchy and the global impact on the thought process of affirmation of female voice beyond the paradigms of gender ideology and again search for a global voice beyond the constraints of time, place and culture.

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