Shades of Silence in Different Disciplines: Not Everything Said is Relevant, Not Everything Relevant is Said

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Pankaj Bala Srivastava


Silence is at the top of literature that serves several purposes. It can be used to create a tragic atmosphere, bring out sadness, surprise or shock, and be employed to heighten emotion and magnify suspense or as a therapy. Silence, being polysemic, is a medium much harder to decipher than a word. Deliberate gaps left in pages speak louder than a thousand words ever can. Silence supported numerous interactional functions; it also shaped the course of interaction that was not intended, resulting in the expansion of a latent conflict. The understanding of silence has been approached in various research fields such as philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, literature, politics, economics, social science, environmental sciences, engineering, medicine, etc. The present paper explores the numerous shades of silence used in interdisciplinary fields. It explains how silence is not associated with solitude alone but has a much broader value within society.

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