Decolonizing Indian Critical Practice: A Reading of CDN's The Swan and the Eagle

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S. C. Hajela


However,there is no doubt that critical ideas have no geographical boundaries and no criterion solely based on the ethnic identity of a literary work can be adjudged a timeless tool for evaluating literature,it cannot be denied that a work of literature itself cries for its evaluation from the view of cultural milieu it is generated in. Under the shadow of western canons, the colonized countries like India ,hardly developed a critical framework of their own to evaluate the literary works of their land, brushing aside theories from the west ,specially in the early decades of Independence. Prof CDN'S The Swan and The Eagle (1969),is one of the earliest critical works in post -independent India,where his critical analyses clearly chart out an agenda for the decolonizing Indian critical practice among students and teachers of his generation.

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