Postcolonial Consciousness And C. D. Narasimhaiah: An Appraisal

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Deepak Kumar Singh


C.D. Narasimhaiah, a commonwealth writer and a postcolonial theorist, has not devoted himself simply to writing theory alone. In his literary criticism are contained certain theoretical principles which will be mentioned in the course of this paper. For the present, suffice it to say that if Gayatri C Spivak and Homi K Bhabha have been responsible for postcolonial theories in the West, Narasimhaiah has been doing the very same thing in a simple, though unsophisticated fashion by writing a literary criticism with a difference. He has not rested after putting down his ideas on paper but has championed the cause of his ideas in practice, contributing to the very face of English studies in India. For about half a century, Narasimhaiah had worked with a mission that literary evaluation and criticism be fair and unbiased. He has attacked English departments of Indian universities for re-cycling second-rate British authors through Ph. D. theses.

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