A Study of Feminine Perspective in the Novel Butterfly Burning

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Jaya Chetnani
Rooble Verma


The paper makes an attempt to study the feminine perspective in the novel Butterfly Burning .The novel was published in the year 1998. It was written by Zimbabwean writer Yvonne Vera (1964-2005). Set in the late 1940s, it is about the voice of the people under colonialism in Zimbabwe. Yvonne Vera has been one of the esteemed voices in the African literature that brought her characters to speak for themselves and for the righteousness. She has earned laurels for her characters not only in her novels but also in her short stories. Her creative works have earned her recognition and awards. Being a woman, the foundation of Vera's writing is women. Her novels are known for difficult subject matter and strong women characters. She has written about abortion, rape, infanticide and violence. Her works are read from the feminist perspective and are part of African studies known across the literary circles of the globe. The paper explores how Yvonne Vera focuses on the feminine issues in the novel and how she connects her readers with her characters in order to provide a new vision to the society.

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