Magnanimity of an Indian Saint: The Portrait of an Apostle of God: A Focus on Basavaraj Naikar's Religious Play The Golden Servant of God

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R. K. Mishra


This article offers a detailed analysis of Basavaraj Naikar's religious
play, The Golden Servant of God in terms of its dramatic conflict
between worldliness and spirituality that takes place in the soul of
Kanakadasa, a great saint of Karnataka. It shows how he, born in a
shepherd caste, grows from the level of an Administrator of Bada and
Bamkapura villages (appointed by Emperor Sri Krisnadevaraya of
Vijayanagara Empire) to that of a renunciate, fighting all through his
life against the social evil of caste discrimination, especially against
brahmanical orthodoxy and articulates the same in his innumerable
musical compositions known as kirtanas. It also shows how
Kanakadasa, being disillusioned by the meaninglessness of material
life, seeks shelter and salvation in the holy feet of Lord Adikesava of
Kaginelli, a tiny village in North Karnataka.

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