Treatment of Indian Diaspora in Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance

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Deepak Kumar Singh


The Parsi writers of the Indian diaspora have enriched the Indian literature as
well as world literature through their literary contributions. They aimed to
present Parsis' psyche through the presentation of historical legends, the
cadences of mythology, the problems arising out of migration, family
conflicts, the east-west encounter, and the cultural diversity. A sense of
displacement, search for balance, cultural assimilation and the complexities
of new civilization which lead them to nostalgia, are the other major points
of discussion to Parsi writers.Parsi fiction in English also gives voice to the
works of members of the Indian diasporic writers, such as Rohinton Mistry
and others. These writers have discussed and explored the various
experiences of displacement on the base of socio-cultural pattern of their
community. They look at them on the margins of the two cultures. The
concept of cultural identity played a critical role in all the post-colonial
struggles which have so profoundly reshaped world. It reflects the common
historical experiences and every country has a distinct culture. Cultural
diversity adds colour and variety to the human world but at the same time it
divides people into numerous groups and thus proves a great barrier to
human relationships.

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