Self- Liberation and National Struggle in Yemeni Women's Early Short Stories

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Antelak Mh'd Abdulmalek Al - Mutawakil* Tomar


The first women's short story in the Yemen was
published in the South in the 1960 at the beginning of the
decade that was to witness national liberation movements in
both the South and the North. In the South independence was
gained from British colonial control in the 1967 when the
People's Democratic Republic of Yemen was formed. During
this decade women from the South began to publish short
stories. In the North the revolution of 1962 led to the creation
of the Yemen Arab Republic, ending the rule of the Imams. But
for most of the rest of the decade there was instability and
fighting between republican and loyalist forces. Women from
the North started to publish short stories in the 1970's . Since
then Yemeni women have continued to write and publish their
stories in newspaper, magazines and in anthologies1

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